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All On 4 Dentures Make It Seem Like You Don’t Have Dentures at All

All On 4 Dentures Make It Seem Like You Don’t Have Dentures at All

Dall on 4 denture smileental procedures for every problem are being improved. The technology available today is much better than it was even a decade ago. This is especially true when it comes to dentures. There are more than just the traditional form of dentures available and they are better than ever. To understand the difference, we need to look at the traditional form of dentures first.

Dentures of the Past

Traditional dentures have been depicted in the media for decades and are a familiar product. The stereotypes are all included. Two rows of teeth sitting on a bedside table in a glass of water, looking unnatural. The terrible fit leads to smacking during eating and sliding in and out while talking. This dismal picture is exaggerated for laughs, but to the wearer who experiences similar problems, it’s no laughing matter.

Dentures fitting properly has always been the biggest issue for wearers. Watch any channel showing reruns during the middle of the day and you will see a variety of commercials for denture products that promise to hold teeth in securely. Other problems that come with traditional dentures are:

  • Eating is more difficult since only a fraction of force is available in a bite while wearing dentures.
  • Covered taste buds, resulting in an inability to taste food as well as with natural teeth.
  • Gagging and sore spots occur from upper dentures.
  • The jawbone shrinks when teeth are missing, meaning dentures need to be refitted or remade every few years.
  • Facial changes from less jawbone.
  • Numbness from nerve exposure as the bones shift and shrink.

These problems all add up to make a painful, undesirable experience. Treating the problems that come along with these dentures also becomes very expensive.

Modern Dentures

With the technology of dental implants has come a more permanent, comfortable solution for dentures called All On 4 Dentures. The name is based off the function of the device, with four posts inserted into the jaw and hold the dentures in place. This modern solution is the most natural feeling dentures after your own natural teeth. This also means they help resolve the problems with traditional dentures because of these features:

  • Never taking the out- they are brushed and cleaned like your natural teeth
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Keep your bite strong and your taste buds available so eating is all around better
  • Prevents jaw deterioration
  • Keeps your facial features in place and looking younger

The initial cost of getting the modern dentures placed often deters wearers from getting this improved version. If you look at overall costs though, it is usually less expensive because there are no creams, strips, or products to treat symptoms of traditional dentures. It is also important to note that there is no need to get your dentures remade or refitted from jaw shrinkage. Because of this, modern dentures last a long longer.

If you are like the other patients we see in Park City who are seeking a better way to wear dentures, then consider getting modern dentures. The type of dentures you choose will make all the difference in your quality of life.

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