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How We Can Restore Your Smile in One Day

How We Can Restore Your Smile in One Day

CAD/CAM dental computer-aided machine

You go into the dentist for a checkup and teeth cleaning. You hope to get a positive report, but at the end of your visit, you hear the terrible news that you’ll need a crown.

Crowns can be expensive and require inconvenient, multiple visits to the dentist.  You have a busy schedule that you were barely able to open up for this dental appointment. How are you to put aside some more time out of your busy life to go back to the dentist and have a crown placed?

Getting a Crown the Old Way

Traditionally, crowns required two to three trips to the dentist. On the first visit, the dentist would clean and take a mold of your teeth. This mold is then sent to an offsite dental laboratory that will make the crown based on the mold supplied by the dentist. After the crown has been made, it is sent back to the dental office. It generally takes a couple weeks for your crown to be made and sent back to your dentist.

In the second appointment, the crown is then placed over the tooth and cemented into place using a special bonding glue and a specialized light that activates the bonding and allows it to harden faster.

A third, follow-up visit may be recommended by your dentist to see how your teeth are reacting to the crown and whether or not there is any pain or discomfort.

Same Day Crowns: The New Way of Getting a Crown

With the advancement of dental technology, dental procedures are quicker and involve less pain and discomfort than ever before. What once took weeks and multiple dental office trips can all be done in one day.

That’s right, one day. In fact, you can have your crown made and placed within an hour while you’re at the dentist.

How is it now possible to do this?

There are two ways to have same day crowns made: an in-house dental lab and CEREC technology.

Both these methods eliminate the need for waiting for crowns to be made offsite in a dental lab and be returned to the dental office.

A dental office that has its own dental lab has dedicated dental technicians that work in a dental lab located onsite.

The CEREC (which stands for either Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a machine that makes 3D images of the patient’s tooth and mills (or makes) the crown based on the image.

This technology allows crowns to be made in as little as 30 minutes and it helps keeps dental costs in check. Crowns made using the CEREC machine are just as durable, safe and effective as regular crowns.

The automation of making crowns reduces the chance of producing ill-fitting crowns and helps make the dental office run smoothly and efficiently.

The CEREC machine can also be used to fabricate onlays, veneers and tooth restorations.

At Park City Dental, our patients don’t need to set aside time out of their busy lives to get crowns. We utilize the latest dental equipment like the CEREC machine to make going to the dentist as pleasant and convenient for our patients as possible.

If you need a dental exam, cleaning or need crowns or veneers, contact us today and we’ll get you your crowns in one visit, usually within an hour. You won’t even have to leave the office.

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