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What Dental Procedures Do You Need at Every Age?

What Dental Procedures Do You Need at Every Age?

dental care at every ageYour dental needs are going to change as the years progress. While there are many procedures that apply to everyone at any age, there are some specific situations related to different age groups that require a different approach.

Obviously, we are going to treat baby teeth and permanent teeth differently, but as we get older, we’re going to face different threats to our dental health. We have to address these issues with different dental procedures.

Dental Procedures for Children and Adolescents

The dental services we provide for young patients can have a lasting impact on their dental health throughout their lives. This is when you can establish good habits (like your regular dental checkups) and ensure that they move into adulthood with a set of healthy permanent teeth.

You can take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in, or right around their first birthday. These appointments will usually focus on checking the state of their teeth and teaching them about good hygiene practices.

As they start to lose their baby teeth and their permanent set starts to come in, there are two common procedures that most children will experience: sealants and fillings.

Sealants are used on young permanent teeth to help block bacteria and protect them from tooth decay. However, if decay does get started, these teeth need fillings as soon as possible.

Of course, as these young patients enter their teenage years, the question of braces may also come up. And that is something that will have to be discussed on an individual basis.

Keeping Up with Dental Procedures as Adults

As we move out of our adolescent years and straight into adulthood, it’s not uncommon to let some of those good habits start to slip. Suddenly, getting in for a checkup twice a year seems like a serious challenge.

The thing is, those appointments are becoming more important than ever.

Oral cancer is a potential threat as we get older, and pregnancy can impact your overall dental health, too. On top of that, if you have let some of your at-home dental routine slip, gingivitis and gum disease may be ready to cause problems.

The most common procedures for adults, then, usually include:

Cosmetic procedures are very common throughout the adult years, and for good reason.

The current generation is going to be the first in which the majority of people will be able to keep most of their natural teeth their entire lives. This has led to a definite interest in protecting those beautiful smiles for years to come.

Dental Procedures in Our Senior Years

Age affects us all, eventually. And we can provide a number of dental services to address these new situations.

Some of the most common problems that we face in our senior years include:

  • Oral cancer – After the age of 40 the risk of this disease starts to increase. As you reach your senior years, this may be a real concern.
  • Bone loss – If the bones in the jaw area lose enough density, it could affect the types of procedures we perform and increase the risk of losing teeth.
  • Periodontal disease – A large portion of the population is already dealing with periodontal disease, and if it remains untreated, it could cause serious problems down the road.
  • Dry mouth – Through medications or old age, dry mouth is a common situation that can exacerbate certain dental conditions.

In order to address many of these issues, it’s important that you continue to come in for regular appointments. This way we can address issues related to periodontal disease and oral cancer. We can also take the necessary steps to deal with bone loss or dry mouth.

This, of course, is the time when many people are worried that they may need dentures. While this is possible, modern dental technology has created some alternatives that provide all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

Getting the right procedures at the right stage in life can help you keep your full set of natural teeth your entire life. However, whichever group you currently fit into, you still need to maintain a strict, at-home dental routine.

Prevention, along with the right dental care at the right time, will keep you smiling your whole life.

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