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Options for Missing Teeth

Options for Missing Teeth

woman sitting on a benchGum disease and tooth decay can cause teeth to fall out or need to be extracted.  Lifestyle choices, such as tobacco consumption and a poor diet can quicken and increase the severity of decay and disease.

In the past, replacing a missing tooth was expensive, painful and difficult. Many patients just lived with the glaring gap in their smile.

Why a Missing Tooth or Missing Teeth Need Replacement?

If you’re missing just one tooth, the embarrassment may be enough to make you go into the dentist office and have it fixed. Some patients don’t do anything with their missing tooth. “It’s just one tooth and the gap isn’t noticeable or embarrassing. Why do anything at all?” Some patients think.

Besides the embarrassing gap a missing tooth causes, other, potentially severe dental issues can result. Without any tooth roots, the bone in jaw will gradually weaken and surrounding teeth can begin to shift into the empty space, causing crooked, misaligned teeth.

Those missing multiple teeth or missing all their teeth have additional dental concerns. Not only is their smile ruined (in the case of those missing all their teeth, they don’t have a smile at all.), but their ability to eat, drink and speak are compromised.  Restoring these basic functions make teeth replacement necessary.

Multiple missing teeth can also negatively affect your gums by weakening them to the point where they droop and become brittle.

Tooth and Teeth Replacement Options

Getting your teeth replaced are important. What options are out there? Fortunately, with advanced technology and increased knowledge, there are more teeth replacement options available now than in the past.

The teeth replacement option that is best for you will depend on how many teeth you’re missing.


Patients who are missing all their teeth would benefit the most with dentures.

Dentures have come a long way since their inception. They are no longer your grandma’s false teeth. Dentures today fit more comfortably and securely and look more natural. They still need to be taken out at meals and overnight for cleaning.

Some dentures, however, are now permanent. These permanent dentures, called all-on-4-dentures use four dental implants (two on the top and two on the bottom jaws) to secure the dentures into the mouth. These dentures are not required to be removed during meals or overnight. With all on 4 dentures, patients can enjoy a full set of teeth that feel, look and function like the natural teeth they lost.

There are also partial dentures and bridges for patients who have multiple missing teeth in the same area.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are idea for patients who have just one missing tooth or have a few missing teeth that are not close to one another.

Dental implants are composed of three parts: a titanium implant, a middle abutment and a composite or porcelain toothlike crown on top. The implant is fully inserted into the jawbone via the top of the gum.

Implants are permanent and have the purpose of looking and functioning like a natural tooth.

If you or someone you know is missing a tooth or two or missing all their teeth, your dental health is at risk.

At Park City Dental Associates, we want our patients to have healthy, beautiful smiles. Our dental specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in performing various tooth and teeth replacement procedures.

Contact us today to set up an appoint and let us find the best tooth replacement option for you.


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