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Could My Gums be Receding?

Receding gums is an incredibly common condition and easily treated if caught early enough. This is why we encourage all of our patients to see us regularly at our Park City, UT, location for regular check-ups and cleanings, so we can help them nip problems like this in the bud. But if you’re experiencing the previous list of symptoms, it may already be too late for simpler solutions. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, you could be suffering from a serious case of receding gums: 

Alternative Gum Grafting

Not when you choose Park City Dental Associates. When you reach out to our staff, ask them about Dr. McKee’s certification in the patented Pinhole Surgical Technique. This procedure does not involve any incisions or stitches, which means we can most likely fix your gum recession problem without any pain, swelling, or bleeding. Instead of using a scalpel, Dr. McKee will make a pinhole in your gum with a very small needle. He will then gently pull the gum up and over the receded part of your tooth or teeth.  

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