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Save Time in the Office With CEREC

You go into the dentist office and are told you have a cavity.  You need a crown, inlay or onlay to save your tooth from further damage of the cavity.

Maybe you visit the dentist to discuss ways to improve your smile. For instance, your front teeth are rough or slightly misshapen and you want veneers to enhance your smile.

Whether you need the abovementioned restorative dental procedures or you choose the cosmetic procedure of veneers, you accept the fact that you’ll be making multiple trips to the dentist and begin rearranging your schedule accordingly.

What if you could have your inlay, onlay, crown or veneers made and placed in the same visit to the dentist? Sounds too good to be true, right?

What is CEREC?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction) is a popular dental service that utilizes high-tech, modern digital imaging to produce quality dental restorations that can be inserted into a patient’s mouth during their first dental office visit.

CEREC utilizes an intraoral camera wand that sends a 3D image to a mill that automatically makes the unique dental restoration. The dentist will then apply finishing touches as well as smooth the restoration and give it the proper coloring. The finished restoration is then cemented into place in the mouth.

Most dentists, including Park City Dental have a CEREC milling machine in the office which can make dental restorations in as little as 10 minutes.

The Benefits of CEREC

The ability to produce dental restorations in the office rather than the traditional way of sending the images to an offsite dental lab, saves the patient time in the office by eliminating the need for multiple visits.

The dental restorations produced by the CEREC machine have lower risks of not fitting properly or looking right, which reduces the possibility of re-dos which saves the patient more time.

The 3D images that are imputed into the CEREC machine are highly detailed, producing an accurate template for the best-fitting dental restorations.

Another benefit of CEREC is that it only produces ceramic dental restorations rather than the traditional gold or silver ones. Ceramic dental restorations are more durable, biocompatible, and aesthetically pleasing to look at than gold or silver restorations. Ceramic restorations are also better for patients who may be allergic to gold or silver.

CEREC technology can be combined with 3D x-ray technology to produce and quickly insert dental implants and bridges.

The staff at Park City Dental loves the CEREC machine. Our patients also love it as they are able to get their dental restorations in one visit, reducing the time they have to take out of their busy schedules.

With the advancements in dental technology, a crown, inlay, only, bridge, implant or veneer, the patient can have a more pleasant and quicker dental visit experience.

If you need a dental restoration, contact us at Park City Dental to schedule an appointment and discuss if the CEREC procedure is the best option for your dental needs.

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